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    3 ton punch / Latest productCurrent location: 威尼斯人官网 > PCB online board separator
    Online V-Slot PCBA Splitter

    Model: HCVC-6A

    Uses: suitable for slitting various V-groove fiberboards

    Immediately consult the consultation hotline: 13580899052

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    V 槽PCBA分板机 HCVC-6A 机器特点: HCVC-6A online V- slot PCBA sub-board machine Features:

    、自动、高效、省人 Safe , automatic, efficient, and labor-saving

      1 Automatic on-line cutter splitter V 槽单方向 PCB 拼板的分板作业,尤其是双面有元器件的精密PCBA线路板。 It is suitable for the sub-board operation of various V- groove unidirectional PCB puzzles, especially the precision PCBA circuit boards with components on both sides.

    、采用 PLC 人机交换界面 2 , using PLC man-machine exchange interface The microcomputer control program is used to realize the automatic empty cutting times and cutting strokes, thereby saving workers and improving efficiency.

      、全自动送料分切 PCB 板,微电脑自动计数产量一目了然。 3 , automatic feeding and cutting PCB board, microcomputer automatic counting output at a glance.

      PCB 板分切完成后,通过传送带直接延长到检验流水线上,避免工人二次操件。 4. After the PCB board is cut, it will be directly extended to the inspection line through the conveyor belt to avoid workers' secondary operation.

    、切板过程中 PCB 板不动,圆刀滑移,直刀上下移动,确保基板电子组件不因移动而损。 5. During the board cutting process, the PCB does not move, the round knife slides, and the straight knife moves up and down to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged due to movement.

      、进板直接对接流水线或送板机,完全无需人工放板,且电眼保护置 , 确保安全生产。 6. The board is directly connected to the assembly line or board feeding machine, and there is no need to manually place the board, and the electric eye is protected to ensure safe production.

    、本机有上游和下游 SMEMA 接口,方便和前后端设备连接。 7. This machine has upstream and downstream SMEMA interfaces, which is convenient to connect with front and rear equipment. Communication port, upstream and downstream can be directly connected to the assembly line or receiving board   等设备。 AOI and other equipment.

    、有误操作防护及断电断气防护功能。 8 , protection against faulty operation and power and gas protection. PCB 板因分板而出现零损伤。 Make sure that the PCB board has zero damage due to the sub-board.

    : Detailed specifications :



    设备外型规格 1. Equipment appearance specifications

    Machine name

    V 槽单方向分板机 Full-automatic online V- groove unidirectional plate splitter

    machine type



    * * =800*900*1160MM Length * width * height = 800 * 900 * 1160MM






    Computer white

    设备供应要求 2. Equipment supply requirements

    power supply

    AC220V   300W

    Environmental requirements

    Clean up dry environment, avoid humidity or high temperature

    / 管径 Working pressure / pipe diameter

    0.6MP /6mm More than 0.6MP / 6mm

    Minimum distance from part to cutting line

    1.5mm Greater than or equal to 1.5mm

    Maximum and minimum plate length:

    250 * 200mm     12 * 12mm

    板元器件最高高度 PCB component height

    反面零件限高 20MM, 正面限高为 35MM The height limit of the reverse side of the PCB is 20MM, and the height limit of the front side is 35MM

    设备软件部份 3. Equipment software

    PLC Controller PLC

    PLC Mitsubishi PLC

    parameter settings

    V 槽的尺寸触摸屏直接输入 Direct input by touch screen according to the size of the V- slot

    Storage module

    50 组程序 Store 50 programs

    touch screen

    Weilun touch screen

    Fiber Optic Sensor

    Dogawa sensor

    刀片 4.Blade

    Metal properties

    Japan imported high speed steel

    Blade angle

    度(可选择) 10-30 degrees (optional)

    Service life

    万次 5 million times

    Change time

    分钟 15 minutes

    主控分切系统 5.Main control slitting system

    Breakout efficiency

    200*150mm 15s / pcs ( 200 * 150mm ) Standard speed cutting eight knives as photos

    / 伺服器 Step / Servo

    密步进(松下伺服)马达 Agricultural compact stepping (Panasonic servo) motor

    Guide screw

    Silver guide screw

    Pneumatic accessories

    SMC Yadek ( SMC )

    Maximum length and width of the pipeline

    (可订制) 650mm * 250mm (can be customized)

    Breaking speed

    0-800mm / s

    Plate thickness


    其它功能 6. Other functions

    Misoperation protection

    Grating Sensor and software triple protection

    Surface treatment of parts

    anode   plating


    Emergency stop  

    Power off and gas off function


    Maximum and minimum plate length:

    250 * 200mm     12 * 12mm

    Way of working

    Automatic pipeline online cutting and feeding board

    Scope of application

    / 贴片后 PCB 板的单方向 V Unidirectional V- groove of PCB board after plug-in / SMD

    Machine sub-board action description:

    、取首板在触摸屏上输入板边到 V 槽和 V 槽到 V 槽的数值,切割刀数,命产品名并且保存。 1. Take the first board and input the values from the edge of the board to the V slot and the V slot to the V slot on the touch screen, the number of cutting knives, name the product and save it.

    、传送带通过进料机构运输把 PCB 接到切板送料导轨上,通过到位传感器和定位柱双重定位, PCB 夹头伸出夹住板边,定位柱缩下,夹头夹板自行自动分切。 2. The conveyor belt transports the PCB to the cutting board feed rail through the feeding mechanism . Through the dual positioning of the in-position sensor and the positioning column, the PCB chuck extends to clamp the edge of the board, the positioning column shrinks, and the chuck clamping plate automatically cuts itself. After cutting to the set number of knives. The chuck is loosened and the gas nozzle blows off the edge of the board.

    、感应器感应到料已到位,切板机的 PCB 板夹头送料机构启动按照编好的参数伸出,夹住 PCB 板往前送到位置;上圆刀移动进行切板。 3. The sensor detects that the material is in place, the PCB board chuck feeding mechanism of the cutting machine starts to extend according to the programmed parameters, clamps the PCB board to the forward position; the upper knife moves to cut the board.

    、切好的产品及板边落在分板机后的运输带上送走。 4. The cut products and board edges are dropped on the conveyor belt behind the board splitter and sent away.

    、直至切完一张 PCB 板送料夹板机构后退缩下。 5 , until after cutting a PCB board feeding clamp mechanism back down. Wait for the second plate to cut and reciprocate. No need for people to operate greatly reduces manpower

    、各接料、送料、分板行程都装有光电感应从而避免了分坏产品和操作的安全性。 6. Each receiving, feeding, and boarding stroke is equipped with a photoelectric sensor to avoid bad product sorting and operation safety.

    There are numerous customer factory application videos; contact details below.

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